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  2010/6/21 下午 03:54:56
One of three found stock market & real estate to be ‘Jack Pot’


One of three found stock market & real estate to be ‘Jack Pot’
Source: embrain
Most workers have a great interest in ‘Jaetech’(various financial technologies).  Most of them have experience of investing in stock market and real estate. Only less than half of them, however, found it to be profitable.
Embrain Trend Monitor surveyed 758 workers on a topic of ‘Have you invested in stock market or real estate?’, and according to the survey results, 67.5% of them have experienced, which is equivalent to two out of three people.
The result is not so desirable. 29.1% of responders said “I had minor loss”, and 20.3% of them said, “I went through major loss”. This result shows that around half of the respondents just damaged their financial status because of ‘Jaetech’. On the other hand, 30.9% of them said they earned some profit, and only 2.0% of them said they made a big fortune and these two groups account for 32.9% of all, while 17.7% said they have just broke even.
Popularly invested in bank savings is mostly savings deposit and installment savings (40.7%), followed by stock & fund at 33.0%, real estate at 18.9%, financial bond at 3.1% and golf membership and art works at 0.3% in turn. Respondents with no investment activities also accounts at 4.0%.
In regards with stock market investment, it has been analyzed that one out of two respondents invests less than 10 million KRW, ‘less than 5 million KRW’ accounts at 32.0%, and ‘5 ~10 million KRW’ at 20.5% respectively, which followed by 10~30 million KRW at 23.4%, 30~50 million KRW at 10.5%, 50 ~100 million KRW at 7.5 %. The respondents with the investing amount over 100 million KRW in stock market stands at 6.1%.
The methods they prefer to invest in stock market is ‘using stock market HTS’at 48.6%, followed by‘indirect investment in funds’ at 34.8%. Methods through visiting agency (11.4%) and consulting through phone calls (4.8%) are occupied relatively less.  Mobile investment accounts only at 0.5%.
When a question, “isn’t it difficult to deal with stock investment at work environment?” is asked, 31.1% of respondents answered, “it’s ok as I only do that during lunch break” and 28.0% answered “it’s ok since I don’t spend too much time in investment activities”.
Contrary to these results, 17.7% of respondents answered they don’t spend much time doing investment at work at all since they don’t feel comfortable and it is noteworthy, 17.5% say their companies has even blocked the online HTS at work.
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