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  2010/6/21 下午 03:58:11
Preference in electronic dictionary in three countries


Preference in electronic dictionary in three countries
Source: embrain
5 out of 10 people in Korea and 7 out of 10 people in China and Taiwan are currently possessing electronic dictionary. From the result of the research on ‘preference in electronic dictionary in 3 countries’ conducted by Embrain, aged 19~49 male and female consumer 3,757 people (1,200 in Korean, 1,276 in China, 1,281, in Taiwan) have participated in the survey and electronic dictionary ownership among them have been shown at 53.4%, 68.7%, 69.3% respectively. M
In Korea, the results showed that the most of people prefer to buy an electronic dictionary from ‘Internet Shopping Mall’ at 46.2%, although people in China & Taiwan still prefer to buy them from electronic retailer shop responded at 35.1%, 56.2% respectively. It also reveals that more people get shopping information from internet in Korea, whereas in Taiwan, it is more usual to get the information directly from the shop.
Most of Korean consumers (37.4%) purchased electronic dictionary by 2008, whereas most of Chinese (28.9%) and Taiwanese (41.9%) purchased by 2005 accordingly. Therefore, it is presumed that the booming on purchasing electronic dictionary in China and Taiwan had already been out of date years ago. For the prices the consumer spent for the dictionary, was ‘200,000~25000(KRW)’ in Korea, ‘501~1000(CNY)’ in China, ‘3000~4000(TWD)’ in Taiwan respectively.
The brand of electronic dictionary currently possessing is Sharp> Iriver >A-one pro in Korea, Nurian> Noah Tech> Yuhantong in China, Wudi> Wudianzu> Kuaiyitong in Taiwan, in turn.
It also showed that the different priorities of consideration have been applied when making a decision to purchase which are; ‘multi-dictionary function>price>brand’ in Korea, ‘multi-dictionary function>brand>price in China, ‘price>multi-dictionary function>brand in Taiwan in turn. The dictionary usage per week also shows distinctive feature from each county which is; ‘3~5 days a week’ in Korea and China at 32.1%, 30.1%, and ‘different from each time’ in Taiwan at 47.4%.
Extra dictionary option preferred on dictionary was ‘a glossary of current word’ in Korea and Taiwan, and ‘a glossary of history’ in China the most. The extra option mainly using on the dictionary was represented as ‘pronunciation check’ in Korea, and ‘word pad’ in China & Taiwan. The consumers who intend to buy it within the next one year are only 24.1%, 35.7%, 24.7% respectively in Korea, China, and Taiwan by reasons of; ‘all usage of dictionary can be covered by PC or mobile phone’ in Korea, China, and ‘not much chance to use’ in Taiwan. In addition, the preferred electronic dictionary type was ‘middle priced or ‘high priced with multi-functions’ in Korea, ‘dictionary function oriented without much extra functions’ in china, and ‘High priced with multi-functions’ in Taiwan the most.
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